Living Proof with Bishop Joseph Castillo

Church Inc 2

October 22, 2023 Bishop Joseph Castillo Season 1 Episode 2
Living Proof with Bishop Joseph Castillo
Church Inc 2
Show Notes

"Church Inc Part 2: Church Inc vs. The Church Incorporated" 

Welcome to "Church Inc Part 2," a thought-provoking podcast that dives deep into the controversial teachings of God's Word. In this episode, we explore a message that has the potential to challenge focus on building a brand but missing building the spiritual body of Kings and Priests. Join us as Bishop Joseph Castillo fearlessly tackles the concept of "Doctrinal Soul Ties" and reexamines how we do Church in the Western commercialized word.  

Bishop Castillo's uncompromising stance on this topic may ruffle feathers within both mainstream Christianity. As the lines between big ministry and doing ministry big, Bishop Castillo brings us back to the heart of the matter – a passionate quest to stay true to the cause of the cross. 

"Church Inc Part 2" is not an attack on any particular teachings or group of ministers; instead, it's a thoughtful return to the precepts laid out for us by God in the scriptures. In a world where interpretations can vary widely, this podcast offers a refreshing perspective grounded in the timeless wisdom of the Word.

Join us as we navigate the challenging waters of faith, doctrine, and truth. "Church Inc Part 3" is a compelling exploration of the scriptures that will inspire you to question, reflect, and seek a deeper understanding of your own faith. Whether you're a seasoned theologian or someone searching for answers, this podcast is sure to provoke thought and stir conversation. Tune in and discover the unvarnished truth behind the controversy.

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