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Million Souls Houston: A Case for Soul Winning 中文和英文

December 21, 2022 Bishop Joseph Castillo Season 6 Episode 66
Living Proof with Bishop Joseph Castillo
Million Souls Houston: A Case for Soul Winning 中文和英文
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Million Souls Houston: A Case for Soul Winning 中文和英文

This past Sunday I was invited to speak at EFC Houston (Evangelical Formosa Church)

FYI Formosa means beautiful island in Portuguese, thats what the Portuguese ruler called Taiwan when they colonized the Island some time ago. The church is Taiwanese that now has and English service too for the Filipinos who attend there.

The members are very sincere and love God , however they have not had many visitors or souls saved year after year for the last 35 years. My family and I were directed there by the Lord and the first day we came they asked me to speak and do a Q&A in their Sunday school service. So now a month or so into joining they have both their pastors resign and now there is a Filipino pastor, and in January a youth Pastor from the California EFC church is coming to be a Pastor too.

Two weeks ago they asked me to speak this Sunday, and I prayed about taking it easy and fitting the religious form or be myself (a Holy Ghost revival preacher). I decided to blow it out and be myself whether they kick me out or not.

So I prayed and God gave me a vision to put a mandate on the Church in Houston to bring in a million souls. So this Sunday I laid out a case of Evangelism in part one of A Million Souls Houston.
Core Values:
We believe God has made of one blood every nation of the world. So we are a multicultural fellowship who worships God with all our heart mind and soul when we gather.

We aim to be a fellowship where people can experience a Living God. With an understanding that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever, we expect to see healing, salvation, deliverance as Jesus the Christ is proclaimed. Our DNA is world missions, and at the heart of everything we do is our core mission to go to non Christian nations, mainly where the population is 90% or more heathen religion or communist and present the good news of Jesus Christ. It can be summed up as simple as this "you're either a missionary or a mission field". Our first goal its to lead our neighbors to Christ, disciple them till their family is reached, and then empower them to win others.

Now based in Sugar Land Texas,  our objective here is to add value in 4 ways.

1. Inspire local churches in regards to world missions , soul winning and discipleship.

2.  Establish a world headquarters in a gospel friendly geo political climate.

3. Add value to local pastors through using the same power and principles that we're successful in China's underground Church.

4. To flame the fire with the pentecostal message in each community through outreach campaigns with local churches.   

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