Living Proof with Bishop Joseph Castillo

Jesus Among the Stars

May 10, 2022 Bishop Joseph Castillo Season 6 Episode 1
Living Proof with Bishop Joseph Castillo
Jesus Among the Stars
Show Notes

Jesus Among the Stars with Bishop Castillo 

As my good friend Professor Chris Palmer from Theos University says, "There is a renaissance in the study of the book of Revelation".  A re birth if you would of seeing Christ, that Revelation was about having a revelation of Christ and not a revelation about the anti christ and the devil. 

In this teaching we see in the first chapter of revelation what Christ is doing among the stars. Enjoy this message from one of our local churches. 

Recorded in Tulsa Oklahoma

Story of Oral Roberts

Soon after, he left his pastorate and launched a healing ministry, a move which was perceived as avant-garde in those days, to say the least. When a man who hated God tried to shoot Oral Roberts in the course of what had previously been a little-known tent revival in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Oral Roberts’ healing ministry was jump-started exponentially.

While his assailant missed “by a mile,” the incident became the “shot heard ’round the world” for the Oral Roberts ministry, for the Associated Press reported the event nationwide. Invitations to speak and pray for the sick soon began to arrive from every corner of America. It was not long before would-be crusade attendees were obliged to “hold onto their seats” for hours and perhaps even spend the night in their cars, merely to have the opportunity to hear the famous man of God preach and pray for the sick.

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